APLT20 - The Tournament That Shaped Way Forward

APLT20 - The Tournament That Shaped Way Forward

For a country that has seen only turmoil, fear and ruins in the past couple of decades, cricket has provided them with the escape and hope that not politicians, talks and resilience could do. A historically rich nation, but an economically weaker country saw that beam of hope in the eyes of the young lads taking to the fields amidst fear and terror for years.

The upsurge of Afghanistan in the cricket fraternity is not an immediate shot, but years of hard work and persistence put in my their players, management and so many involved who were resolute in taking their team forward and giving their nation an identity to define with alongside the global names.

With the conclusion of the Afghanistan Premier League, it has been proved that everything is going in the right direction and the country is well placed to grow with hope and determination. While qualifying for the world cup certainly was a big achievement, what APL did was more than that. It provides its players a chance to shine alongside the global stars, mark its way into the big T20 leagues, and provided the management and board with a lucrative platform to capitalize on the moolah at stake which would help them build their domestic structure and leap into the path of future development with more potent.

APL – Success That Defines The Way Ahead
5 teams, 17 days, 23, matches, a global cricketing stage and an abundance of stars to knock around the park, the tournament had all that was needed to make it a grand affair and it certainly matched up to its billing. 
With 85 million viewership across TV broadcast and over 17 million through digital channels, APL showed that it belongs to the big stage alongside the big names like IPL and Big Bash, which it aimed to follow for the third big one at the stage.

From USA, Canada to UK, North Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, India to al the way up to New Zealand, the tournament had a big presence globally. And with the culmination the winner being Balkh amidst a lot of support, the next few years promise to be more fun and engaging.